Setting Intention

Setting the Intention to Empower a Space

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Place relevant objects that accentuate the space

Our thoughts about a room have great power over it. If we’ve always hated a room (because of the decor, or what occurred there in the past) it will have that energy stamped on it unnecessarily.

Time to clean it up and clear it out, not just physically, but energetically. Decide to re-create it as a fresh new space. You can make it into whatever you want it to be, by changing your attitude and setting a new intention.

Decide on Space Use

You can make almost any room to suit almost any use. Decide how you would like to use a space. Get clear on what you would like to accomplish in this space and how you would ultimately like to feel when you are in this space. Perform the clearing rituals. Then announce how you would like to use the space, with full and complete attention and affirmation.

Express Your Gratitude

Say some words of thanks to the universe for providing you with this space. Vow to appreciate it and treat it with the respect and sacredness that it deserves.

Declare Your Intention

Clearly state to the universe your intention for this space. Remember to include how you want to feel in the space, such as happiness, health, and peace of mind. Address the kinds of energies (people) you would like to welcome into this space and the quality of relationships that will develop there.

Affirming the Intention for the Space

There are many ways you can affirm or impress the space intention. The most obvious way is to put a sign on the door of the room, such as ‘Sewing Room’, or ‘Art Studio’. You can have the name painted on a stone displayed in the room, or bury a note in a plant pot, figuratively (and literally) grounding your intention into the soil.

Make sure the room contains items that support, align with and resonate with the intention of the room. If it is a dining room, the centre piece should be a dining table. If the intention is a family room, have family portraits and enough seating to include the whole family in that room. Select special crystals that contain the qualities that you have intended, and place them in the room.

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