Getting Clear

Getting Clear About Your Life and Home

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See beyond the surface

Clearing the Self

Breathe. Take in a deep breath. Meditate. Stretch, move, dance. Smile, laugh. Go somewhere. Refresh yourself. Shower. Sleep. Anything that interrupts habitual patterns of stuck behaviour will refresh you. Perform these simple acts anytime you feel any kind of negative thought or mood. They will instantly uplift you.

Clearing Your Aura and Chakras

You can receive an alternative or holistic therapy or healing in order to clear your body’s energy centres. Alternatively, you can listen to an appropriate guided meditation CD, or visualize your own aura or chakra clearing.

Colour meditations through the main chakra centres and grounding exercises are valuable practices to keep your personal energy clear and free-flowing. Emotional clearing, mental clearing and physical clearing, all support and reflect the clearing of your external environment.

Life Cycles

All living things have a rhythm to respect and life cycles to honour. It’s no coincidence that we make New Year’s resolutions and do spring cleanings. Naturally, we follow the seasons, a time for planting and a time for harvesting. Taking advantage of the strengths of these cycles and abiding by them, we live in harmony and in balance with our environment.

In winter, we may be inclined to hibernate somewhat, keeping indoors when its cold, and not doing too much. As the days grow longer, we tend to do more and be out and about.

Similarly, as certain events happen in our lives, we adjust likewise. A new birth, an unexpected death, all require major adjustments. At these times, we must take care to adapt our living spaces for safety and ease, making them a suitable sanctuary for the conditions that we are now living with.

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